Welcome to the University of Foggia!

Dear student,
we are glad that you decided to spend your Erasmus study period at our Institution!
This site is created to help all Erasmus students from Universities of Programme Countries prepare their study period in Foggia and make all the necessary arrangements.
We hope that you will find your stay at this Institution both intellectually stimulating and personally enriching.

The staff Erasmus Office


Erasmus students in every single thing of their stay in Foggia.

Website: www.esnfoggia.it
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @esnfoggia

For help finding accomodation: [email protected]

The University of Foggia helps foreign students look for lodging, thanks to the support given by the International Accomodation service of Cerco Alloggio Foggia, it takes upon itself to contact landlords. 

Students who want to find a flat before getting to Italy, can fill out the following form.



FB Group for Accomodation


Riferimenti e contatti

Erasmus Office
Via Gramsci, 89/91 - IV piano
[email protected]

Erasmus Departments Delegates

prof.ssa Marilena Labianca
[email protected]

prof. Domenico Viti
[email protected]

prof. Luciano Beneduce
[email protected]

Medicine and Nursing:
prof. Giuseppe Stefano Netti
[email protected]

Physiotherapy; Dentistry; Biomolecular sciences and technologies; Dietetics; Biomedical laboratory technique; Medical Radiology; Biological Sciences.

prof. Giuseppe Troiano

[email protected]

Students A-L: 
prof. Alessandra Beccarisi

[email protected]
Students M-Z: 
prof. Roberto Goffredo 

[email protected]