Notice of competition - project "Welcome in Puglia for Foreign Students"

7 Febbraio 2023

The public body called “Puglia Region”, though, the Agency for the Right to University Studies, known by its acronym “A.di.s.u. Puglia” carry out a project called "Welcome in Apulia for Foreign Students" aimed at providing reception services to foreign students enrolling in a university study course offered by Apulian universities. It should be noted that:

  • "Reception services" are to be understood as accommodation and other services (canteen, libraries, transport, etc.) offered by Adisu Puglia to university students;
  • "Foreign students" means EU and non-EU students, with foreign citizenship;
  • “University study course” means a degree course, a master’s degree course and a single cycle master’s degree course: a PhD, a School of Specialization, with the exception of those in the medical area pursuant to Legislative Degree no. 368/1999; a degree course and specialistic degree course activated pursuant to Law no. 508/99; a master’s degree; a single course;
  • "Apulian universities" are to be understood as universities and AFAM Institutions with registered offices in the regional territory.