The University of Foggia has entered the rankings of some of the major international ranking agencies, alongside the Italian Censis report which has certified its constantly growing trend on the national scene in recent years.


The rankings take into consideration a series of indicators, such as academic performance, programmes, and opinions of the scientific community, assigning a score which allows for comparative evaluations with other universities around the world.



World University Rankings

L'Università di Foggia è presente quest'anno nella classifica stilata dal Center for World University
Rankings. Di seguito il dettaglio del posizionamento. 

University of Foggia ranks in the top 6.8% out of 19,788 universities worldwide according to the 2022-23 edition of the Global 2000 list by the Center for World University Rankings.

This year, University of Foggia ranks as follows:

  • World Rank: 1326
  • Regional Rank (Europe): 473
  • National Rank: 57
  • Research Rank: 1262
  • Overall Score: 68.5
QS World University Rankings by Subject

Nel 2022, per la prima volta, l'Università di Foggia entra a far parte del QS World University Rankings by Subject, un ranking internazione e indipendente che confronta la performance di oltre 15.200 corsi universitari su 51 discipline accademiche presenti in 1543 università in 88 paesi dislocati in tutto il mondo e sono parte integrante del "QS World University Rankings".

I risultati ottenuti da Università di Foggia:

  • Universita’ degli studi di Foggia - ranked 351-400 (worldwide)
  • Universita’ degli studi di Foggia è una delle "world’s top universities" in due ambiti scientifici: Agriculture & Forestry e Medicine.
  • Migliore performance per Universita’ degli studi di Foggia: Agriculture & Forestry
  • Indicatori di performance utilizzati: Academic Reputation, Employer Reputation, Citations per Paper, H-Index.

Alcuni numeri del 2022:

  • PAPERS (NET): 3.309
THE World University Ranking
THE World University Ranking

In THE (Times Higher Education) World University Ranking by subjects - the ranking by the British agency which compares 1,368 universities across 83 countries and 13,138 university programmes every year - the University of Foggia was ranked well in three subjects worldwide: 501–600 in Business and Economics; 601+ in Clinical and Health; 501–600 in Life Sciences. Entering these rankings means positioning itself in the top 4-7% worldwide, regardless of the position in the ranking. 


UniFG has also done better than the average worldwide in the ‘Research’ and ‘Citations’ categories, i.e. it has scored better than more than half of the universities surveyed worldwide (which are already around the top 4% worldwide): 


Research (2022): UniFG  20.9 Worldwide - Average 17.1

Citations (2022): UniFG 53.7 Worldwide - Average 46

The ranking of the University of Foggia can be found on the website of The World University Ranking.


THE YOUNG university ranking

Sono stati resi noti i risultati del ranking THE YOUNG che prende in esame le università con meno di 50 anni. 

L’Università di Foggia nel 2021 entra in classifica con un ottimo piazzamento, nella fascia 201- 250.

La tabella si basa sugli stessi 13 indicatori di performance dell'ammiraglia THE World University Rankings.

Le università sono giudicate in tutte le loro missioni principali - insegnamento, ricerca, trasferimento di conoscenze e prospettive internazionali - per fornire i confronti più completi ed equilibrati disponibili.

THE Impact rankings 2022
THE Impact Ranking 2021

Anche quest'anno UniFG è entrata nel prestigioso Ranking THE IMPACT, ottenendo un ottimo piazzamento sui seguenti SDG:

1 – No poverty. 201–300

3 – Goog health and well being. 401-600

4- Quality education  601-800

5 - Gender Equality 401- 600

6 – Clean water and sanitation. 301-400

7 – Affordable and clean energy. 401-600

8 – Decent work and economic growth. 301-400

9 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure 201- 300

10- Reducing inequalities 301- 400

16- Peace, justice and strong institutions 201-300

17 – Partnerships for the goals.1001+

Anche quest'anno l'Università di Foggia è nel ranking THE by Subjects.

I risultati ottenuti sono:


Unifg is also one of the 83 Italian (public, private and online) universities included in U-Multirank, where it received 8 As (the highest score) in the U-Multirank 2021 ranking. The University of Foggia shows the highest performance in the field of research, receiving as many as 3 As.



Education Around
Education Around

Education Around, the magazine specialised in education and universities in Italy, also includes the University of Foggia in the ranking of Italian universities. Two general rankings are built, only taking into consideration the public state universities which are members of the AlmaLaurea consortium: a general one and one linked to internationalisation, which is considered a key aspect when assessing a university. The latter ranking therefore considers the 'raw data' of the percentage of students - for each university - who spend a period of study abroad during their studies. Unifg ranks 36th in the general classification, but, on the other hand, it ranks 1st among the three Apulian universities (Bari and Salento, excluding the Polytechnic) and 5th among small universities, again based on the Censis ranking.


Unifg is ranked 39th in the international ranking and is among the best universities for Sports Science, Medicine (single-cycle degree) and Agricultural Science (first-cycle degree). An entire page is devoted to Unifg.


The Education Around ranking for 2021 has just been published. It includes 63 state universities and 56 subjects. The University of Foggia is ranked 4th for second-cycle degrees in Educational Sciences; 9th for second-cycle degrees in Agriculture and Veterinary Science; and 16th for first-cycle degrees in Sports Science.



Another important position of the University of Foggia is in the Censis Ranking of Italian Universities. This was created to provide guidance for the choices of all students ready to embark on a university career. It is a detailed analysis of the Italian university system (state and non-state universities, divided into homogeneous categories by size) based on the assessment of the facilities available, the services provided, the level of internationalisation, use of 2.0 communication and employability. A total of 64 rankings were drawn up. 


The University of Foggia is ranked 3rd this year - with 83.7 points - in the Censis Report’s ranking of small state universities (up to 10,000 students enrolled).


In the Censis 2021/2022 ranking, now in its 21st edition, the University of Foggia has made a decisive leap forward, moving from the group of small state universities to that of medium-sized state universities (with more than 10,000 students enrolled), and thus being positioned 10th (out of 16 total) with an overall average score of 82.2. 


The results of THE YOUNG ranking, which looks at universities under 50 years old, have been released.


The University of Foggia enters the 2021 ranking with an excellent place, in the 201- 250 band.


The table is based on the same 13 performance indicators as the flagship THE World University Rankings.


Universities are judged across their core missions - teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook - to provide the most comprehensive and balanced comparisons available.



Relazione THE YOUNG 2021 (THE YOUNG 2021 Report)

UI GreenMetric
Green metric logo

The UI GreenMetric World University Ranking was launched in 2010 and includes information on environmental sustainability in universities. The UI GreenMetric ranking has seen a dramatic increase of participants from 95 universities across 35 countries in 2010 to 912 universities across 84 countries in 2020. The aim of this ranking is to provide an assessment system on the current situation and policies related to Green Campus and Sustainability in universities all over the world. 39 indicators and 6 criteria are taken into consideration, i.e.: Setting and Infrastructure (SI), Energy & Climate Change (CE), Waste (WS), Water (WR), Transportation (TR) and Education (ED).


The results of the University of Foggia