Transfer to another university and change of degree programme

Transfer to another university

In order to transfer to another University, students are required to pay the transfer fee of € 107.00 and the stamp duty (€ 16.00 or equivalent), and to fill in the transfer application form, exclusively online, by connecting to their web page of the ESSE3 online Student Office - section entitled ‘Carriera (‘Record of study’), ‘Domanda di Trasferimento ad altro Ateneo’ (‘Application for University Transfer’).

In order to transfer to a degree programme of another university with a limited number of places, the prior authorisation of the transfer university shall be obtained and then delivered to the Student Administration Office of the university to which the student belongs.

Before applying to transfer, it is important to obtain information from the University to which you intend to transfer on how to enrol in the chosen degree programme. In particular, you should pay attention to:

  • the deadline to submit the transfer application;
  • admission requirements, possible entrance test or other selection methods;
  • other deadlines;
  • any recognition of previously acquired credits, the competence of which lies with the transfer university.

Deadlines to apply for university transfer:

  • Online applications for university transfer shall be submitted from 1 August to 31 October;
  • Should suitably motivated transfer requests be received after the aforementioned deadlines and by 30 November, a fee of €123.00 will be due, as a late application fee for university transfer, in addition to the stamp duty of €16.00 or equivalent.

How to apply for transfer to another university

In order to complete the application for university transfer, you need to access your own web page of the Unifg online Student Office, in the ‘Carriera’ (‘Record of Study’) section, ‘Domanda di Trasferimento ad altro Ateneo’ (Application for University Transfer).

At this stage, it is advisable to check that all the exams taken have been correctly recorded in the record of study; any anomalies found should be reported online to the relevant Student Administration Office.

Once the procedure has been completed, the system will generate a ‘university transfer fee’ (‘tassa di trasferimento ad altro Ateneo’) to be paid, available by clicking on Segreteria (‘Student Administration Office’), and then Pagamenti (‘Payments’), relating to:

  • A transfer tax of € 107.00/123.00 (according to the current Regulations for university fees and charges);
  • A stamp duty of € 16.00. 

Online applications only take effect once the student has made all the payments due.