CSU - University Sports Committee

The CSU, the University Sports Committee, is the University body in charge of defining the sports programmes at the University of Foggia, as well as overseeing the management of sports facilities and the programmes aimed at developing related activities.

The University encourages the cultural, recreational and social activities of all the university components and promotes the dissemination and enhancement of sporting practice, availing itself of the University Sports Committee established in accordance with the terms and procedures provided for by the legislation in force.

As stated in Article 1 of Law No. 394 of 28 June 1977, ‘A committee shall be established at each University or Higher Education Institution to oversee the management of sports facilities and the programmes aimed at developing related activities.’

Under the same law (Article 2), it is further specified that ‘The committee shall be composed of:

(a) the Rector of the University or Head of the Higher Education Institution, or their delegate, who takes over the role of chairperson;

b) two members appointed by the university sports bodies which are legally recognised and which organise student sports activities at national level;

c) two students elected according to the procedures provided for in Article 9 of Decree-Law No. 580 of 1 October 1973, converted, with amendments, into Law No. 766 of 30 November 1973; and subsequent amendments and additions;

d) the Director General of the University or Higher Education Institution, or their delegate, also acting as secretary.’

The CSU at the University of Foggia is currently chaired by prof. Donatella Curtotti, Professor of Criminal Procedural Law and Head of the Department of Law.



The sports facilities are managed by CUS Foggia and are located at the University Sports Centre: via Napoli n. 109.

  • Artificial seven-a-side football pitch
  • Artificial five-a-side football pitch
  • Synthetic tennis court
  • Open multipurpose court with stands
  • 8-lane athletics track
  • Gymnasium (with basketball court, volleyball court and climbing wall) and Outpatient Clinic
  • Secretariat offices
  • Rugby field
Dual career

The University of Foggia adopts regulations for student-athlete dual careers: scholarships, fee waivers, part-time enrolment options, exam date flexibility. 


The European Athlete Student - ‘dual career network’ - was founded as a result of a project during the European Year of Through Sports (EYES) in 2004, coordinated by the Oulu Sport Academy (FIN). The network is named ‘European Athlete Student’, abbreviated as EAS, also known as the dual career network.

The EAS is an international, non-political, non-profit, non-discriminatory membership network. It is of indefinite duration and can be dissolved by its members. Currently, the EAS resides in the UK and is subject to British law, but every four years the General Assembly can establish a new location or renew the current one. The EAS is a large European network of institutions providing ‘dual career’ opportunities for talented athletes in elite sports and education.


  • To support and organise an ongoing exchange among institutions and experts from all over Europe working in the field of dual careers
  • To create improved opportunities for people working in the dual career field
  • To build a digital knowledge database of academic research work and best practices from across Europe in the field of dual careers
  • To create a policy environment that responds to the needs of talented athletes pursuing dual careers, by collaborating with partners in the sport and education systems 
Strutture sportive

The University of Foggia promotes sports initiatives and programmes. 


The University of Foggia - through the CSU - has created a new model to develop the culture of sports and well-being, in the wake of the memorandum of understanding between the CRUI (Conference of Italian University Rectors) and the CUSI (the Italian University Sports Centre). Under this MoU, new models for the development of university sports policies are being drawn up, to promote not only the integration of the students' educational offer but also new actions of health protection in the entire university world, to overcome disability and all forms of social marginalisation, and to combat ‘deviations’. Through the MOTUS project, the University aims to raise awareness among its students and university staff towards a better and healthier lifestyle by :

  • organising free ‘basic’ sports activity courses (table tennis, outdoor gymnastics, tennis)
  • entering into agreements with institutional actors involved in the sector, to launch seminars, projects and research in the field of ‘healthy lifestyles’
  • improving the quality of food products distributed in the University canteens and cafeterias

The cusisportinclusivo.it portal has been created to collect and enhance the inclusive sports and physical activities promoted by the CUSs throughout the country. It is a documentary archive which includes scientific articles, publications, theses, books, grey literature, videos, interviews and information material in general, concerning the topics of sports and inclusion. The Centro Documentazione Sport Inclusivo (Inclusive Sports Documentation Centre) stems from the commitment taken over the years by the CUSI - Centro Universitario Sportivo Italiano (Italian University Sports Centre) - with the aim of promoting social inclusion activities through the practice of sports and physical activities at a national and territorial level.

The University of Foggia contributed to the drafting of the CUSI publication entitled ‘Indagine sulla diffusione e il valore sociale dello sport tra gli studenti universitari con disabilità’ (i.e. ‘Survey on the dissemination and social value of sports among university students with disabilities’). Prof. Curtotti, as the Rector's Delegate, and the Right to Study, Sport Services and Disability Area collaborated as supervisors.

This publication is the result of the CUSI project, funded by ‘Sport e Salute’ (i.e. Sports and Health), which involved state universities, the University Sports Centres of the CUSI network, university students and other privileged witnesses, with the following objectives:

  • to quantify and qualify university students with disabilities practising sports and physical activities;
  • to identify the motivations and barriers to access to sports and physical activity among university students with disabilities;
  • to identify and disseminate good practices concerning access to sports and physical activity for university students with disabilities;
  • to report the social value of sports and physical activity for university students with disabilities in terms of physical, psychological and social well-being, social cohesion and inclusion and the development of personal skills.

Download the final survey publication from the CUSI Documentation Centre - Inclusive Sports 



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