Terza missione

A constant bond

The strategy of the third mission of the University of Foggia is developed around three fundamental objectives: increasing social responsibility towards students and the territory, promoting cultural development and technological and economic-social innovation and increasing environmental, social and economics of the University. This section illustrates the public engagement activities, i.e. the non-profit activities organized by the University and aimed at citizens, and all the information and tools to know and enhance the results of the University's research in the field of the third mission.


Public engagement

The University's social commitment translates into a series of public engagement activities, training and events that maintain constant dialogue with the territory and the main players in the productive world.

I servizi

Browsing the section it is possible to find all the information relating to the technological transfer produced within the University. Spin-offs and start-ups, calls for teachers and researchers.

Palazzo Ateneo Università di Foggia

University Quality Committee and university organisation,