Patents are a means for the university to foster technology transfer and structure collaboration with businesses. Professors, researchers and all those who invent something that is part of the University's research and training activities, can patent it to ensure effective legal protection for the innovation and to benefit from it as an alternative to the more usual scientific publication practice.

A patent is a legal title based on which a temporary exclusive right is conferred on inventions that are new, susceptible of industrial application, and that significantly contribute to the advancement of the state of the art. Through the (product or process) patent, the owner is the only one who can produce or apply, use, market, sell or import the technology. From this point of view, the patent is an irreplaceable tool for innovators to maintain the competitive advantage gained through investment in research and development.


How to register a patent

Patent applications can be filed by university employees and all those who carry out research using the University's facilities and equipment. The Patent Technical Committee decides on the application. The latter coordinates the drafting and filing of patent applications also belonging to the University in any way.