Intermediary structures

In addition to spin-off companies, the University of Foggia also holds share capital in other types of companies, in particular consortia. In addition, it is a member of various consortia, foundations and associations.

The Academic Senate and the Board of Directors of the University of Foggia, in their meetings of 13 May and 26 May 2015 respectively, entrusted the Equity Investment Committee with the task of carrying out a six-monthly preliminary analysis of the overall situation of the University of Foggia's shareholdings in companies, consortia and public and private entities. The Committee was most recently appointed by Rector's Decree no. 660/2017 of 01/06/2017 and supplemented by Rector's Decree no. 370/2021 of 16/03/2021. It is currently composed of prof. Marco Taliento, full professor of Business Economics at the Department of Economics, prof. Alessandro Muscio, Associate Professor of Applied Economics at the Department of Economics, Management and Territory, and Sandro Stallone, working for the University's Third Mission Area.


The Third Mission Area, among its institutional tasks, acts as an interface between university research and the production system. It ensures the technology transfer from the university structures to the various territorial, national and transnational production contexts, also collecting the requests for technological innovation coming from the market. In addition, it performs the important and delicate task of taking care of the protection of intellectual property with regard to the products of our university research, and of facilitating technology transfer.

The UTT's objectives (UTT is the office’s acronym in Italian) can be summarised as follows:

  • To manage and make the most of the heritage of technologies, knowledge, research and studies produced by the University of Foggia
  • To promote the transfer of this know-how within the productive contexts of our territory

UTT’s activities:

  • Newsletters of major events and funding opportunities for companies and researchers
  • Promotion of the link between business technology needs and scientific and technological research activities
  • Organisation of events aimed at promoting, as well as providing training and support for technology transfer and business creation, but also at enhancing research activities and the patent portfolio
  • Networking activities to enhance research results
  • Activities related to membership of companies, consortia, foundations and associations, in which the university holds share capital, and monitoring of their performance
  • Fulfilments relating to transparency and management of the equity investment database
  • Management of processes for the creation, maintenance and valorisation of intellectual property rights on the results of university research
  • Management of procedures related to the start up, support and monitoring of spin-off companies and the support for entrepreneurs
  • Support for the Patent Technical Committee, the Equity Investment Committee and the Spin-off Technical Committee

The UTT is also linked to the main national and European networks to support technology transfer and innovation activities such as


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