Skills Assessment (Bilan de Compétences)

The University of Foggia offers all undergraduates and graduates the opportunity to participate in free educational and career guidance meetings at the Skills Assessment Service.

What is the Skills Assessment for?

The main goal of the Skills Assessment is to help students:

  • identify those skills and potentials which can be invested in developing/implementing a project of social integration and employability
  • acquire skills of self-assessment, proactivity and choice-making
  • develop the appropriate social and cultural reference frames and emotional registers to deal with transitions and to invest/reinvest in one's own planning, with respect to oneself and to the labour market
  • plan a professional development project

Planned activities:

  • reconstruction of one's personal, educational and work experiences
  • knowledge and enhancement of one's skills in view of an educational and/or professional project
  • skills building workshops
  • individual interviews
  • filling in the European CV, managing a job interview, empowerment promotion, and active job search

The Skills Assessment course consists of six weekly meetings with a specialised counsellor.

A Summary Document is issued at the end of the course, which can be attached to the CV.

The Skills Assessment Service is a member of the European Federation of Centres of Career Guidance and Bilan de Compétences (FECBOP).

European Quality Charter - Bilan de Compétences

Europass CV 

Instructions for filling in the Europass CV

Scientific coordinator

  • Prof.ssa Isabella Loiodice


  • Severo Cardone
  • Daniela Dato
  • Barbara De Serio
  • Manuela Ladogana
  • Anna Grazia Lopez
  • Francesco Mansolillo
  • Luigi Traetta
  • Grazia Terrone
References and contacts

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