About us

The University of Foggia has set up an advanced medical simulation laboratory. The laboratory is located in the "Emanuele Altomare" Biomedical Centre attached to the hospital Azienda Mista Ospedali Riuniti ‘OORR’ - University of Foggia.

The laboratory consists of 4 rooms, including a plenary room, which can accommodate up to 30-40 students for each course. The theoretical activities of the courses and the debriefing at the end of the simulation take place here. It hosts a high-fidelity simulation room and control room, equipped with video cameras aimed at live streaming the simulation exercise, so as to facilitate the participation of the entire audience in the plenary room.

There are also two other rooms equipped with manikins and material to train learners in ‘technical-skills’, i.e. clinical skills.

Manikins suitable for practising nursing procedures (such as venous cannulation, bladder catheterisation and more advanced clinical skills such as intraosseous access, thoracentesis, emergency cricothyrotomy and airway management) are located in these rooms.