Board of Directors

The board of directors is responsible for strategic orientation, financial and personnel planning, and supervision of the financial sustainability of activities, thus implementing the academic policy guidelines set by the academic senate. 



  • Lorenzo Lo Muzio - President

Teaching staff:

  • Marzia Albenzio (Agriculture)
  • Alessandro Muscio (Economics)
  • Mario Pio Fuiano (Law)
  • Antonio Ambrosi (Medicine)
  • Luigi Traetta (Humanities)

Professionals not employed by the university:

  • Raul Donato Pellegrini
  • Gianluca Ursitti


  • Paola Mancini
  • Emanuela C. Vocino

The following participate with an advisory vote:

  • the Deputy Rector, who, in the absence of the Rector, chairs the Board of Directors with full vote, as well as the other Deputy Rector, if appointed;
  • Chairman of the Board of Auditors or the Chairman’s delegate, member of the Board of Auditors;
  • the Director General, who acts as the secretary taking the minutes; in the event of the Director General’s absence, the Director's deputy performs the Director General’s duties;
  • a technical/administrative staff member, working on a permanent basis, elected from within the electoral body formed by all the technical and administrative staff working on a permanent basis at the University of Foggia. With effect from 19 October 2020 and for the four-year period from 2020 to 2024, the technical/administrative staff representative is Ms Maria De Benedittis.