The Choir

The Coro dauno Umberto Giordano Music Association of Foggia has decided to promote choral music among young people, as part of the activities set up to disseminate music culture. This goal has immediately been grasped by the University of Foggia to organise and present its institutional Choir.

The Unifg Choir, created at the beginning of 2018, has the mission of blending and mixing the vocal tones of the students and teaching as well as administrative and technical staff of the University of Foggia. Maestro Valentina Delle Fave is the art director of the choir.

Important studies have for many years highlighted the value that choral activity brings to different fields, from the music to the social one. This is why youth, school and university choirs are widespread, especially in northern and central Italy, and it is for this reason that the University of Foggia aims to offer an opportunity for growth for the entire university community, creating the basis for what will become a further meeting point with the territory.

The university ensemble has given several concerts and participated in an important event such as the ‘II Simposio Internazionale – Cori e orchestre universitarie’ (2nd International Symposium - University Choirs and Orchestras), in Perugia, in November 2018, in which it already turned out to be one of the best university choirs.

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Somebody to... QUEEN is a music project evoking the British band's greatest hits, performed by a large choir and a band.

The promoter of the initiative is the Coro dauno U. Giordano of Foggia, supported in the organisation by ParcoCittà and the University of Foggia. Art Director Maestro Luciano Fiore took care of the preparation and arrangements.

Unifg Choir members participated in the project, and the initiative was an opportunity to hold new auditions and select new choir members for the university ensemble.

The project ended with a big concert on 21 June 2020, organised on the occasion of the Music Festival at ParcoCittà (via Rovelli, Foggia). The concert was entirely filmed, and aired in the following days, by the TV station TeleFoggia, media partner of the project.

Singers and music lovers, aged between 13 and 50, could also participate in the project. No previous choral experience was required and the maximum number of participants in the preparation workshop was 50 choir members.

Entries were taken by making sure that voices were balanced (Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Basses). The initial selection only focussed on checking a minimum basic intonation and was carried out during the first meeting with Maestro Luciano Fiore.

Two choral groups were created, depending on the age of the participants:

  • Young Group for choir members aged 13 to 25
  • Senior Group for choir members aged 26 to 50


  • Filling out an online form was required to register
  • Participation was free of charge for the Young Group from 13 to 25 years of age
  • Participation was free of charge for members of the Unifg Choir of the University of Foggia

A contribution of 20.00 Euros was required for members aged between 26 and 50, paid during the first meeting on 16 February 2020.

The registration form was to be completed no later than 14 February 2020.  Should the maximum number of 50 registrants have been reached, registrations could have closed before that date.

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The curtain fell on FRI - Festival della Ricerca e dell’Innovazione (Innovation and Research Festival). The 3rd edition of the cultural and social event of the University of Foggia said goodbye to the city on Thursday 31 May 2018, by biking every street in Foggia.

So much ‘Sport, Nutrition and Wellness’ was at the centre of the festival. This topic was discussed and put into practice during competitions, conferences and inaugurations. The Festival was therefore a moment to reflect and raise awareness, aimed at the entire territory, which could ‘breathe a different air’ during the intense days proposed by the festival programme. This year the importance of the Third Mission was highly emphasised, i.e. to go out of the university classroom to contribute to the cultural and economic development of civil society.

‘The Festival of Research and Innovation is, by now, an important and valuable event for the University of Foggia,’ stated the then Rector, Prof. Maurizio Ricci. ‘Over the past three years, our event has grown so much, and has animated and supported the city and, above all, the primary schools of Foggia. This last edition, then, also offered the opportunity to practise a lot of sport, a precious aid for wellbeing and health, in addition to the informative and cultural moments. The essence of the Festival, from year to year, is to concretely demonstrate what the University can do for its Territory, emphasising Unifg's role not only in quality teaching and scientific research, but also in economic and social growth. This year we have inaugurated and handed over to the City two important facilities: the Core Facilities, an organisation of laboratory services where quality research will be carried out, and the Sports Therapy Gym, a cutting-edge outpatient clinic, the first in Italy, in collaboration with the University Hospital. This Festival, too, has therefore met with consensus and success, and my thanks go to Prof. Giovanni Messina, who has coordinated the programme, and to the entire very dynamic team, made up of a well-established organisation of students and teaching as well as administrative and technical staff.’

The 2018 edition of the 4-day FRI featured 5 conferences, 2 inaugurations of new facilities handed over to the City, 1 choral concert, 2 sporting events, more than 20 external speakers involved, as well as 13 schools participating with around 900 pupils and students from the city's primary and secondary schools. Finally, it also featured a casting session for the production of a short film addressing the theme of raising awareness about cancer and healthy lifestyles that reduce its incidence.

All the activities were organised thanks to the support of the main partners: Municipality of Foggia, Umberto Giordano Theatre, Municipality of Troia, Confindustria Foggia, IISS Einaudi, Gianni Rotice srl, Telesforo Group and Mediafarm; as well as that of the supporting partners: Confcooperative, Farris, Confat, Al primo piano restaurant, Rotary Club Foggia, Nanni Altamura, Sodexo, Enac, Granoro, Doemi, SposArea catering e banqueting by Gianni Cristallo, Lions Club Foggia Host, De Cecco, OnlyFood, La Puglia Recupero, Selecta, Azienda Agricola Serrilli, Terre e Gusti, Losito, Marina Colonna soc. agr. srl, Fulgaro bakers, CUS Foggia, AIGA, Heroes, RadioNova Ions 97.00, Unesco Foggia, Figliolia, Lampara Club, CIA Puglia, Confesercenti Foggia, the Chamber of Commerce of Foggia, Confcommercio Foggia, Proraso.

The FRI - Festival of Research and Innovation of the University of Foggia, thanks those who, in various ways, contributed to the organisation and success of the event.

FRI 2018: Unifg Take me out

A concert by the Barnaul (Russia) A. Tarnetsky Children's Choir, conducted by Maestro Inessa Gritsai, was held on Wednesday 9 May 2018, at 19.30.

The event took place in the Aula Magna Valeria Spada of the Department of Economics (via Caggese n. 1, Foggia), and also included a performance by the Unifg Choir. The art direction was by Maestro Luciano Fiore.

Free admission until full capacity.

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The most beautiful Disney songs performed by a great choir and a fantastic brass and percussion ensemble and many more surprises in the Disney Concert held on Sunday 24 June 2018, at 21.00 (with entrance at 20.30), in the Santa Chiara Cloister in Foggia.

It gathered more than one hundred choristers from the U. Giordano Children’s Choir, the U. Giordano Youth Choir, the U. Giordano Polyphonic Choir, the Unifg Choir, the Choir of the "N. Sala" Conservatory of Benevento, the Children’s Choir of the 9° Circolo Manzoni-Montessori and the Choir of the I. P. S. I. A. Pacinotti of Foggia.

There were twenty members of the Beneventum Brass Ensemble, supervised by Maestro Gianluca Camilli, first trombone of the San Carlo Theatre Orchestra in Naples. The members of the instrumental group were mostly students of the Benevento Conservatory. Cinderella's Fairy Godmother and a special presenter for that evening introduced the various tracks.

The concert was organised by the U. Giordano Choir of Foggia, the 'N. Sala' Conservatory of Music of Benevento, the University of Foggia and FENIARCO -the Italian Association of Choirs, and conducted by Maestro Luciano Fiore.


The University of Foggia with its choir is now the key player of many initiatives that, in less than a year since its establishment, have brought together many Italian and European university choirs and orchestras, in a constructive and fascinating way. Certainly, however, the most sought-after event is the 2nd International Symposium and 6th National Conference ‘University Choirs and Orchestras’, organised in Perugia from 8 to 10 November 2018.

The programme of the three-day event, sponsored by CRUI (Conference of Italian University Rectors), was very interesting and started from the social dynamics in University Choirs and Orchestras and the socialising value of music. It then delved into topics common to all Choirs and Orchestras, such as fundraising, third sector reform, and the speech and vocal-technical field.

The Unifg Choir was the star of the concerts held on 9 and 10 November, which took place at 19.45 (ONAOSI College Theatre Complex) and 18.00 (Conservatorio Morlacchi Auditorium), respectively. The choir of the University of Foggia is an ensemble of 30 choristers, and is made up of teaching as well as administrative and technical staff, and students, aged between 18 and 55, and was then skillfully directed by Maestro Luciano Fiore, administratively assisted by the Institutional Relations, External Relations and Unifg Press Office Area.

Participation in the Perugia event was supported by Medisan Sud through a voluntary contribution.

‘Choral music is a cultural heritage that should not be overlooked,’ said Maestro Luciano Fiore, ‘and it integrates well with cultural institutions par excellence, such as our Universities. I am honoured that the Daunian University wanted to follow up on the proposal to set up the Unifg Choir. The Symposium in which we will participate will be an opportunity for exchange, growth and comparison for all of us. Due to the artistic quality already achieved in just a few months by the choral group, we will certainly bring a positive message to our city.