The association named Centro Universitario Teatrale - C.U.T. Foggia (i.e. University Theatre Centre) was founded in 2003 on the initiative of some students from the University of Foggia. Among them were young actors, theatre enthusiasts or, simply, curious students eager to experience what actors feel when on stage. Numerous free theatre performances were organised for university students in the first years, thanks to close collaborations with important and established local theatre companies such as ‘Piccolo Teatro’ and ‘Teatro dei Limoni’. Seminars and co-productions of plays inspired by the great myths and works of the past were also organised. At the same time, participation of some deserving students in theatre courses and workshops was paid for, with the aim to create a true university theatre company. The association's registered office was located in the Department of Humanities in via Arpi and, for the first time in the history of C.U.T. Foggia, an official agreement was signed with the University. On 6 December 2011,  ‘Il giardino di Rose’ (i.e. The Garden of Roses) - a play directed and performed by members of the University Theatre Centre - was presented to the city in the Aula Magna of the same department, before a large audience of university students and representatives of the local press. The debut of the first production by the Foggia University Theatre Centre was a great success with the public and critics.


A key feature of C.U.T. Foggia has always been its commitment to tackling theatre not only as mere artistic entertainment, but as a reason and means to deepen contents, topics, topoi and motivations concerning classical, historical and scientific culture. C.U.T. Foggia is committed to offering projects, theatre performances and opportunities for growth and interaction that look carefully at the university as well as the school world (through targeted ‘school guidance’ projects). By doing so, it aims to involve institutions of all levels in its activities, so as to guarantee projects which are consistent and in line with the objectives and goals of each education level (from primary schools to Higher Education Institutions).

In particular, the projects promoted by C.U.T. Foggia play a crucial role for high schools, providing an opportunity for continuity and a bridge between the school and the university world. It is thus a 'window' to get to know the educational offer of the young Foggia university (which also provides recreational, educational and actively participated opportunities, alongside traditional teaching). It is also a channel to guide high school students in their choice of the course subjects that are as close as possible to their passions, inclinations and abilities.