Distance Learning - Tutorial and Guidelines

Virtual spaces

To ensure the continuity of teaching during the COVID-19 emergency period, virtual spaces have been created on the platform, reserved for teaching staff and students.

The teaching delivered online faithfully followed the timetable of the in-presence teaching.

Virtual rooms have been set up that allow both live streaming interaction between lecturers and students, as well as the opportunity to record lectures and make them available on demand.

Each lecturer is assigned a specific space for their teaching.

We have tried to ensure the continuity of teaching, even in an emergency situation such as the one we have experienced, through these measures and constant collaboration between all members of the academic community.


Tutorials for teaching staff

Since January 2022, the ZOOM software has been used for online teaching delivery.

To facilitate the use of the new software, video tutorials were created, which are also available in the ‘Tutorial Area’ on the e-learning platform.

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