What does the Internship and Placement Office do?

The Internship and Placement Office of the University of Foggia offers its students a post-educational guidance service and promotes a series of activities that can facilitate graduates’ entry into the labour market, such as:

  • Career Day or Recruiting day, in collaboration with companies, in order to make students aware of the business world and of any open positions with a view to the graduates' job placement;
  • job orientation seminars; 
  • accompanying courses to prepare students to competently and independently manage their own active job search;
  • dissemination of entrepreneurial opportunities;
  • ‘Place Yourself’ Workshop: This is a guidance activity in the classroom with the participation of a group of a maximum of 20 people, aimed at learning about active job search with career guidance experts;
  • organisation of individual interviews that are intended as a reflection moment to provide the graduate with support in the transition from university to the world of work. During these meetings, guidance is provided on how to write a curriculum vitae, a cover letter, and on how to approach a job interview; information on job search channels and on how to get a job in a company; an overview of the post-graduate educational offer, as well as reports on training and work opportunities;
  • management of relations with companies and provision of an information and initial reception service for job and traineeship applications received from companies.
Who is it aimed at?

The job placement service is aimed at our undergraduate and graduate students and companies.

Our undergraduates and graduates 

The service:

  • offers the opportunity to combine the studies undertaken with the professional profiles required by the labour market;
  • supports users in CV writing;
  • organises job selections;


The service offers companies the opportunity to create a supply/demand match that meets their needs as closely as possible.