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Types of ICDL
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The ECDL certification has changed its name from ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) to ICDL (International Certificate of Digital Literacy). Actually, the name ICDL, albeit with a different meaning than the current one, has already been in use in all non-European countries since 1998.

To better emphasise the significant progress made and distance taken from the first proposals, the Foundation has also chosen a new logo and a new image that is more straightforward and effective in describing the current programme.

What does not change, however, is how to obtain the certification and the content of the certification modules.

The ICDL Certification is divided into two levels: Basic (4 modules) and Full Standard (7 modules).

To obtain the ICDL BASIC Certificate, the following modules must be taken:

  • Computer Essential
  • Online Essential
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets

To obtain the ICDL Full Standard Certificate, the modules of the BASIC Certificate and the following three modules must be taken:

  • Online Collaboration – covering the skills needed to make use of online collaborative tools (by PCs, smartphones and tablets), social networks, mobile applications, remote storage, web meetings, etc.
  • IT Security - Specialised Level - covers the concepts and skills required to use digital technologies securely in study and work, and identifies the tools and applications that enable the secure management of a local network, Internet connection and critical data and information.
  • Presentation - (ECDL Core Module 6) which is unchanged from the previous certificate
ICDL Standard

The ICDL Standard certificate is a wider alternative to the ICDL Basic certificate and is more flexible than the ICDL Full Standard one. The ICDL Standard certificate can be obtained by passing the 4 (essential) modules + 3 modules of your choice from those indicated as optional in the attached table.

The New ECDL Skills Card no longer has an expiry date and can be used to take any certification test of the New ECDL family.

Upon passing the seven modules, two certificates are obtained:

  1. The ECDL Full Standard, which is a public certificate and, by law, is to be renewed every three years with an update exam.
  2. The ECDL Standard, which is the certificate that is valid worldwide and does not expire. 

If you have an expired ECDL Core Certificate, you can purchase a new skills card and transfer the exams taken with Syllabus 5.0. Tests passed with previous versions of the syllabus require passing the UPDATE exam before they can be transferred.



ECDL Core and ICDL Skills Card
  • ECDL Core Modules 1, 2 and 7, passed using Syllabus version 5.0, can be converted into the Computer Essentials and Online Essentials modules (tests passed using earlier versions of the syllabus always require the UPDATE exam).
  • ECDL Core Modules 3, 4 and 6, passed using Syllabus version 5.0, can be converted into the Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Presentation modules (tests passed using earlier versions of the syllabus always require the UPDATE exam).


The costs for issuing the Skills Card and/or of the modules can be found in the attached table.


The following documents shall be produced to obtain the Skills Card:


  • Copy of the Identity Document
  • Copy of the Tax Code
  • Copy of the payment receipt of the last instalment of the tuition fees
  • Original receipt of payment for the skills card 

University Staff:

  • Copy of the Identity Document •
  • Copy of the Tax Code
  • Employer's certificate
  • Original receipt of payment for the skills card 

External parties:

  • Copy of the Identity Document
  • Copy of the Tax Code
  • Original receipt of payment for the skills card

To proceed with the purchase of the skills card, payment shall be made by bank transfer to the following bank account:


Università degli Studi di Foggia via Gramsci, 89/91 - 71121 Foggia


Banca Popolare Pugliese

IBAN IT67D0526279748T20990001240

Specifying ‘Acquisto Skills Card ECDL’ (i.e. Purchase of ECDL Skills Card) in the reason for payment.

Exam Modules can also be purchased by bank transfer, the details of which are given above, specifying ‘Acquisto moduli esami ECDL’ (i.e. Purchase of ECDL exam modules) in the reason for payment.

The ICDL Secretariat of the University of Foggia, located on the 3rd floor of Palazzo Ateneo - Via Gramsci, 89/91, is available for any information and to ensure the transition to the ICDL certification without losing the path already completed.



Preparation Course

The University of Foggia allows Pre-registration to attend the Computer Courses to obtain the ECDL/ICDL Full Standard Certificate, organised by the University Test Centre, and aimed at students, teaching as well as administrative and technical staff of the University of Foggia and external parties.

The courses will be held at the University Test Centre, located in Via Antonio Gramsci, 89/91 - Foggia, and will include 60 hours of lessons in an equipped laboratory to be held in the afternoon.

No deadline is set for pre-registrations as the courses will start once the minimum number of 15 enrolled participants is reached.

If less than 15 enrol, the course will not start.

Interested parties may pre-register (non-binding) via the online form.

References and contacts

Test Center di Ateneo

via Arpi n. 155 - 71122 Foggia

Tel. 0881 338320

[email protected]

Responsabile: Michele Pio La Sala

Palazzo Ateneo - terzo piano - Stanza n. 86

via Gramsci 89/91 - 71122 Foggia

Tel. 0881 338338

[email protected]