In order to apply for the Erasmus period at the University of Foggia, incoming students have to be nominated by their home university.

Partner universities should nominated  their students using our google form  by 15th June (for 1st semester and full year) and by 30th November (for 2nd semester). The google form will be sent to the partner Universities upon their request to [email protected]

Incoming students will get by e-mail the access to our on-line application form and instruction concerning how to fill in the learning agreement through the Erasmus dashboard, if and when they are officially nominated by their University.

Application Deadlines

  • Deadline 1° Semester/Full year students: 15th July
  • Deadline 2° Semester: 15th December

The University of Foggia accepts only Online learning agreement (OLA) according to Erasmus Without Paper Project.

Before coming to Foggia, you have to:

Once in Foggia, you have to meet your Departmental Erasmus Coordinator to check the Learning Agreement with the up-to-date academic offer and the course timetable.

After having filled our application form and OLA learning agreement, get ready for your Erasmus stay in Foggia!


Foreign students are keenly invited to attend the free Italian language courses organized by the University of Foggia which are offered from the beginning of the first and second term.

All those students who attend the course and pass the final exam will be given 3 ECTS credits by the University of Foggia.

Those students who intend to attend the language course are invited to include it in their Learning Agreement with the following phrase: “Italian language course for Erasmus students”.


If you are a NON-EU students, please check if a VISA is required.

If it is required, please email [email protected], asking for the Letter of Admission to be posted to your home University.

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