Support structures

Information on the Rector's Delegate for the Third Mission and on the composition and tasks of the University Committees operating in Third Mission Activities, as well as on the activities of the respective Administrative Office.


Patent Technical Committee

The University of Foggia relies on a Patent Technical Committee, whose members remain in office for three years, with the tasks of: expressing opinions on the matter, supervising the procedures for the protection, enhancement and economic exploitation of the results of scientific and technological research and carrying out annual monitoring of the status of the patent portfolio.

Composition of the University’s Patent Technical Committee - Three-year period 2018 - 2021

  • Prof. Carmela Robustella, Associate Professor of Economic Law at the Department of Economics (Chairperson)
  • Prof. Michele Bertani, Full Professor of Commercial Law at the Department of Law (Member)
  • Prof. Gaetano Corso, Full Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology at the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (Member)
Spin Off Technical Committee

The Committee's tasks are to promote and monitor spin-off activities, as well as to assess proposals for new initiatives.

The Committee (CTS is the Italian acronym) is composed of the Head of the Administrative Structure responsible for the University's Third Mission activities and two members, possibly with the help of an external expert (or company), qualified in the different specific sectors and/or in business consultancy, who appoint a Chairperson and hold office for three years.

For the three-year period 2021-2024, the Spin Off Technical Committee is composed as follows:

  • prof. Alessandro Muscio
  • prof. Christian Favino
  • Tommaso Campagna
Equity Investment Committee

The Academic Senate and the Board of Directors of the University of Foggia, in their meetings of 13 May and 26 May 2015 respectively, entrusted the Equity Investment Committee with the task of carrying out a six-monthly preliminary analysis of the overall situation of the University of Foggia's shareholdings in companies, consortia and public and private entities. The Committee was most recently appointed by Rector's Decree no. 660/2017 of 01/06/2017 and supplemented by Rector's Decree no. 370/2021 of 16/03/2021. It is currently composed of prof. Marco Taliento, full professor of Business Economics at the Department of Economics, prof. Alessandro Muscio, Associate Professor of Applied Economics at the Department of Economics, Management and Territory, and Sandro Stallone, working for the University's Third Mission Area.


Third Mission and Investment Services

The Third Mission and Investment Services, made up of members of the Rector and the General Director's Staff, are the support structure which administratively manages the University’s Third Mission activities. It liaises with the departments for the same purposes, and supports the work of the Delegate for Scientific and Technological Research, and the Third Mission, and of the various Committees falling within the scope of the Services, by carrying out preliminary investigations and administrative duties.

The Third Mission Unit is located within the Third Mission and Investment Services.