Visiting Professors, Researchers and Fellows

Visiting professor

In 2010 the Academic Senate of the University of Foggia, upon proposal of the International Relations Unit, approved and issued the Regulation governing the positions of visiting professors (full professors and associate professors), visiting researchers (Researchers with at least 4 years of experience) and visiting fellows (Researchers with at least 4 years of experience).

The Regulation governs the procedures to select and welcome highly qualified foreign scholars, called upon to collaborate with the University's teaching and scientific structures, in order to promote its openness and capacity for international cooperation.

The presence of Visiting Professors, Researchers and Fellows at our university can significantly contribute to the internationalisation process, by intensifying and strengthening relations and cooperation projects that are already underway or to be launched, while at the same time enabling our students to experience different and innovative teaching methods.

Disciplina delle figure del visiting professor, visiting researcher e visiting fellow
Regulations governing the titles of "visiting professor”, “visiting researcher” and “visiting fellow"
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