Outgoing Traineeship

In addition to promoting European students’ mobility, the Erasmus+ Programme enables students to carry out a traineeship at a foreign university, company, NGO, Research or Training centre, Laboratory, etc. located in one of the countries participating in the Programme.


Before the mobility, the selected student shall: 

  • sign the Grant Agreement with the University (in two copies);
  • sign the Learning Agreement for Traineeship with the University and company where the traineeship will take place (in three copies);
  • make sure to have all the necessary documents, which can be downloaded from this website;
  • make sure to have the European Health Insurance Card (E.H.I.C.).

Once arrived at destination, the student shall:

  • have the Learning Agreement for Traineeships signed and stamped, in three original copies, by the legal representative of the host company. 
  • ask the tutor of the host institution/organisation to fill out, sign and stamp the dedicated section of the Europass Mobility Certificate in three original copies. The student will receive it by email approximately 10 days before the end of the traineeship.
  • have the Transcript of Work filled out in three original copies by the legal representative of the host company, including the start and end dates, the tasks completed and the skills as well as competences acquired.

Should students be willing to extend their stay, bearing in mind that they can do so at their own expense while the mobility grant will remain the same, they may do so by completing the following form and obtaining the signatures of the host company and the home university. The form should be sent to the staff of the International Relations Unit, who will authorise the extension, by sending an email to: [email protected] 

Transcript of Work

Traineeship Extension Form 



At the end of the traineeship, the student will receive an email automatically generated by the web platform tool (Mobility Tool) used by the European Union to manage the Programme: this is the Final Report, which the student will have to download, fill out, submit online using the "Submit" button, print and sign.

Upon return, it is the student's responsibility to submit the following documents, in original, to the International Relations Unit:

  • Learning Agreement for Traineeships (three original copies)
  • Europass Mobility Certificate (three original copies)
  • Transcript of work (three original copies)
  • Final report

These documents are to be produced to obtain recognition of the traineeship period abroad and the final instalment of the grant.

Learning agreement for traineeship

Transcript of Work


In their search for the host company, students are helped and supported by the staff of the International Relations Unit, who will provide those who request it with a list of partner companies and their contacts. Selected students may use their own contacts or contact other entities which are not on the list made available. Students can provide the staff with a list of email contacts, together with their CV in the language of the host country, for them to contact the companies of interest directly.