Virtual mobility - students enrolled in degree programmes (first-cycle, second-cycle, single-cycle)

All students enrolled are required to acquire no. 2 university educational credits (CFU - crediti formativi universitari - equivalent to a MOOC) as of the 2021/22 academic year,  by a resolution of the Academic Senate dated 14/04/2021. These are to be acquired as part of the student's free-elective activities,  through participation in educational activities included in the context of virtual mobility. 

Should the degree programmes not provide for student free-elective activities in the first year, the obligation can be fulfilled in the following years.

Within the free-elective subjects, students may acquire up to a maximum of 6 CFUs, equivalent to 3 MOOCs.

Instructions for the recognition of CFUs

After completing a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in one of the platforms mentioned below, the interested student will have to submit the request for recognition by filling out the appropriate form and uploading the certification obtained or self-certification to the platform, in pdf format.

For the purpose of recognition of educational credits, students enrolled in the departments of Agriculture, Economics, Law and Humanities, will have - at the same time - to send the certification obtained, or self-certification, through the helpdesk service, by using the following link:

Once logged into the Helpdesk, students will have to submit their requests by selecting the item entitled ""SEGRETERIA STUDENTI/MOOC-Riconoscimento" from the "Motivo della richiesta” (Reason for Request) drop-down menu.

Students enrolled in the degree programmes related to the Medical Area, Motor and Sport Activities Science and Sciences and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted Motor Activities,  instead, should send the certification obtained, or self-certification, by e-mail to: [email protected]

Please also note that the acquisition of No. 6 CFUs within Virtual Mobility (MOOCs) enables students enrolled in the degree programmes running in the Departments of Agriculture, Economics, Law and Humanities, to receive 1 additional point for graduation purposes.