Degree Certificate and Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement (DS) is a certificate issued at the end of the degree programme, based on templates compliant with those adopted by European countries. The DS contains the main information on the curriculum followed by the student to obtain the degree. It is available in Italian and English, and provides information, based on a template, relating to:

  • personal data
  • the qualification type
  • the qualification level
  • educational activities carried out, as well as assessments and grades obtained
  • function of the qualification

The University of Foggia issues the Diploma Supplement to graduates, who can print it out by connecting to their own web page of the ESSE3 online platform and clicking on ‘Segreteria - Certificati - Autocertificazione Diploma Supplement’ (‘Student Administration Office - Certificates - Diploma Supplement Self-declaration’).

Alternatively, students may submit a request to issue it to the Student Administration Office of their degree programme.