Academic Certificates

In order to obtain the certificates relating to their record of study (all the documents and activities leading to the award of an academic degree), students are to submit an application to the Student Administration Office of the department to which they belong, together with a copy of their academic transcript.

The latter certifies that the student has passed the exams and assessments which take place at the end of the respective course units, at spaced intervals and in accordance with specific procedures. To be admitted to the exams and assessments, the student shall:

  • have obtained the certificate of attendance where compulsory;
  • have completed the required prerequisites;
  • have regularly paid fees and charges;
  • check that the scheduled exam session is not intended for students who have not completed their studies in the predetermined time-period (‘studenti fuori corso’).


The relevant Student Administration Office checks that the above conditions are met once the exam results are recorded. This is carried out by means of an online/paper-based recording procedure and using the exam report form to be produced by the student on the day of the exam.

Should any of the requirements set out above not be met, the exams taken are void in fact and in law. Written notice of cancellation will be given to those concerned. Students may not retake an exam they have already passed and successfully registered.

Exam booking shall be made online by accessing the Esse3 online services and entering the student's enrolment number and PIN code issued at the time of enrolment.

Pursuant to Law No. 183/2011 on certifications, certificates issued by the university cannot be produced to public administration bodies or private managers of public services as of 1 January 2012.